This Project seeks to explore how these insights can inform the development of a visually compelling identity for a fish shop, merging tradition and innovation.
My focus today was on the street Via Montalbo which stretches from Via Montepellegrino to Via Comandante Simome Gulì. It is a street located within a working-class neighbourhood in Palermo, known as Borgo Santa Lucia. People of the sea and the port lived there, the so-called sailors on oil tankers, sailors, and fishermen, simple and humble people who were content with making ends meet to feel happy. And it was a place where traditional trades thrived, like the „umbrella repairman“ or „stagnataru,“ who fixed leaky pots, or the „scarparu,“ who resoled shoes.
I spend in total four weeks in July and August in front of the shop, talking to the clients, learning about the business and trying to understand what moves and motivates the average citizens. I heard them arguing about the government, the weather, the people, the trash on the street or their work and wifes. But they all agreed, that Palermo is the most beautiful place on earth and Michele sells the best fish.

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