Michele´s handwriting
To represent the analogue character of the place, I decided to give the same feeling also to the branding. I collected papers and handwritten letters to recreate digitaly Micheles writing. If it is analysed as an graphic element, it is already a great part of his existing branding. Most of the communication and business goes by his voice or paper writing. I plan to use it in the branding for quotes or short texts.
I created multifunctional cards, which could be used as business cards, as price tags directly in the shop, or as adress cards to keep track on the delivery. 
Tradition in Transition –
Exploring the social interactions
around a local fish shop in Palermo, Sicily
and its application to a Visual Identity.

Degree Design Project by Sarah Alisa Langer
for the Exam Session 2023/24 23.3

Faculty of Design and Art of the
Free University of Bolzano

Supervisor: Christian Upmeier
Co-Supervisor: Uwe Hartmut Martin

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